Best TuTuApp Alternatives You Must Check!!

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To get latest and trendy apps, users either land on Google Play Store or iTunes. But there is a third player in the market with a massive spotlight. We are referring to TuTuApp!

Tutuapp is a Chinese App store that allows free download of freemium, modded, cracked and premium apps. Without paying a single dime, you can have the processed app on your smartphone. The database is not limited to cracked games only. It also features regular games from official app stores.

The download and installation of TuTuApp are insanely easy. But sometimes, it is not possible to use this app repository. Reason can be anything from bad network to busy server. In this situation, you must check out an alternative app store.

To make your life easier, we have done the homework. Here, we have mentioned top rated TuTuApp alternatives.

Shall we begin?


Aptoide is the most popular app store, next to Google Play Store. This app pantry possesses a mammoth collection of Android apps. The majority of apps are exclusive to Aptoide only. But you will also find games which are popular on Google App store or the web.

This platform is known for authentic & trusted content with the fast download.

In simple words, if you’re keenly looking for best Android app store, Aptoide is an ideal choice.

Amazon App Store

If you are after genuine and trusted apps, Amazon App Store is a considerate choice.

This app store has the huge consumer base. And the trust is the primary reason for such popularity. When it comes to online shopping, Amazon comes first to mind. So, how can we not have faith in its store?

In addition to exclusive apps, you will find games from Google Play Store too. Most of the content is premium, but the quality is guaranteed.

Moreover, you can purchase favorite movies and video games using the same App Store. Isn’t convenient?


GetJar is nothing new to Symbian users. Beating the odds, this app Garner is still working. Well, this oldie deserves to live as it brings apps for all platforms like Android, iOS, Java and Blackberry. One thing you don’t know that GetJar is the only provider of apps for old phones which are no longer in productions.

APK Mirror

If you have been using TuTuApp just to get free apps, then you will love Apk Mirror!

Honestly, this app store needs no introduction. It is a paradise of free apps. You can’t pick a single app from its pantry that is payable.

Without breaking a sweat, you can enjoy apps and games for free via Apk Mirror!

vShare Market

vShare is an emerging app store that showcases cracked apps for iOS. Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, this app store gained popularity specifically among iPhone users. The reason is obvious; it allows download of third party apps on iPhone. Simple!

Above cited alternatives can provide few services of TuTuApp, not all of them. Honestly, if you want to enjoy huge database of cracked and modded games, nothing can beat TuTuApp. In case TuTuApp is not working, you can utilize any of above-mentioned alternatives.  

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