3 New Features of Tutu App You Must Try!!

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Tutuapp is one of the best application to download all the restricted mods, hacks, apps, etc. Tutu app is becoming more popular every day and to keep up with competitions, the developer of the app has been working very sincerely to provide good features, fix all reported bugs, etc. If we start talking about the features of Tutu App, then we require at least 10000 words to explain completely.

In this post, I will mention some of the new features of the latest version of Tutu App which was released last month and there are 10 new features out of which I will mention some of the most important and interesting features in this post. Some of the features include battery management features, cache and CC cleaner integrated, inbuilt file manager, and a lot more.

3 New Features of Tutu App:

In-built File Manager:

This is one hell of a feature of this app, as it now provides everything one needs like games, apps, songs, video and a lot more, so it is exactly availed more to integrate a dedicated file manager for the Tutu App. This file manager is very advanced like the ES file explorer where you can do almost anything like you do in the file explorers on your computers. Some of the features include sort by file size including folders, group pictures by location taken, group songs by albums, etc.

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Battery Management Feature:

This is a feature which is inbuilt with the tutu app and you can also check its stats in the lock screen by enabling that particular option in settings and this is very useful for everyone, it will request you for system-level access, so that it can control the background apps and other things to optimize battery as the mode you prefer.

CC Cleaner:

This is really a great feature which should be a native Android feature soon, using this feature you can clear junk files, the cache file of all the apps at the single click, which will free up some RAM and also give you some extra space to store other useful files on your smartphone. This is currently a beta feature in tutu app which is provided by CC Master and is expected to be integrated as a stable feature soon.

Those are the three features which are new to the latest version of tutu app and everyone is appreciating it to great extents as this single application is doing the job of some native Android OS features and 10 apps features within a single application are really interesting and time-saving. It is a must-have application for a typical android user.

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